Nov. 21 workshop explores role of co-ops in food security

What: Role of Cooperatives in Achieving Food Security
Presented by: Society for International Development
Date: Thursday, Nov. 21
Time: 12:30-2:15 p.m.
Location: 1101 15th St. N.W., 3rd floor, Washington, D.C.
Contact: 202-331-1017,
Details: Workshop invitation

By 2050 the world will need to produce 75 percent more food than it does currently in order to feed a growing population. At the same time, over 80 percent of agricultural production in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia is made up of smallholder farmers. Efforts to increase private sector investments through the U.S. government's New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition are underway, but connecting smallholders to the global economy has been elusive. Our panelists will address these central questions:

* How do we move large numbers of farmers (pre-cooperative phase) into cooperatives? What are the key steps taken during the pre-cooperative phase? How does this coincide with integrating farmers into commercial produce networks?
* Should farmers be part-owners of the commercial networks?
* What are effective strategies to overcome cooperative development challenges?

Gguest panelists will share their perspectives on the most effective examples of farmer organization and the challenges and prospects for the future. As practitioners, policymakers and donors, we are presented an opportunity to discuss the cooperative business model, share strategies to overcome cooperative development challenges and examine cooperatives in promoting food security and good governance to allow farmers to own part of the global food chain.

The panel, moderated by Paul Hazen, executive director of OCDC, will include presenters from ACDI/VOCA, Global Communities, NCBA/CLUSA and
USAID. The presentations will be followed by Q&A.

Posted 11/13/21