Social media samples

Please feel free to use these tweets and posts as is or tailor them for your audiences. You also can follow OCDC on LinkedIn and its members on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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We encourage everyone to use the following hashtags so that we can track our work to raise awareness of international cooperative development:

  • #intlcoopdev
  • #coopsday

Sample tweets:

  • For decades OCDC members have proven #intlcoopdev is a successful model for a sustainable future. See how #coopsday
  • U.S. #coops share how the co-op business model is working towards a sustainable future #coopsday
  • U.S. #coops celebrate July 2-International Day of Cooperatives by sharing success stories #intlcoopdev

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Samples posts:

  • For decades U.S. cooperatives and cooperative associations — members of OCDC — have supported local communities with projects in more than 70 countries. On July 2, cooperatives around the world will celebrate the International Day of Cooperatives. These eight success stories are a sample of how the co-op model is building a sustainable future.
  • Co-ops are the original sustainable option for International development. For decades the members of the U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council have worked on projects in more than 70 countries. These projects are locally rooted and people-driven. The cooperative model contributes to sustainable economic growth, social development, and environmental responsibility. See how.
  • Cooperatives across our beautiful planet are celebrating International Day of Cooperatives on July 2. Learn how co-ops are working to support a sustainable future! #coopsday

Posted 6/21/16