Presented by: CLEAR Kenya, Global Communities. Written by Federick Buagah, Technical Specialist, Gender. And, by Ashley Holst, Technical Specialist, Cooperatives & Inclusive Business. Blog #1: Covid-19: Gendered Social Distancing.  COVID-19 is driving new meaning to rationally held social norms especially those surrounding gender relations. Gender norms as triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic are an issue that Read More

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Covid-19 Update: Fair trade premiums at Finca Triunfo Verde

A Letter from Julia Baumgartner, Cooperative Development Program Manager, Equal Exchange. Hey everyone, I wanted to share a little glimmer of good news from Finca Triunfo Verde in Chiapas, Mexico. We’ve been in close communication these last few weeks as the Covid-19 outbreak was just beginning. Our CDP team cancelled our trip and returned home, Read More

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