Presented by: CLEAR Kenya, Global Communities. Written by Federick Buagah, Technical Specialist, Gender. And, by Ashley Holst, Technical Specialist, Cooperatives & Inclusive Business. Blog #1: Covid-19: Gendered Social Distancing.  COVID-19 is driving new meaning to rationally held social norms especially those surrounding gender relations. Gender norms as triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic are an issue that Read More

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The Cooperative Difference in Kenya: An Important factor in gender equality.

The promise cooperatives hold for women, economic empowerment.“The power latent within cooperatives comes from their focus on both social and economic outcomes for their members and their adherence to a common set of principles, which include democratic control and economic participation”(Hotel, 2019). Data from The International Cooperative Research Group’s “What Difference do Cooperatives Make? Kenya.” Read More

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