Clare Pamela, Managing Director, Gulu Community Dairy FCS, Uganda

Clare Pamela Atoo was born on November 22nd, 1978, and is married with four children. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences, a   Master of Arts Degree in Public Administration and Management, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management.

She is currently engaged in Management consultancy work, project development, and monitoring for NGOs and Farmers’ Cooperative Societies with 12 years of experience in managing dairy Cooperatives and also being a registered member of two of them based in Northern Uganda. She has also been working in the dairy sector and cooperative sector, supporting out grower and smallholder farmer schemes. 

She is well trained and experienced in dairy Coops and their management using the hub model, information dissemination at community level, training in gender-based research methodology and community mobilization. She has worked together with Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Cooperatives to carry out interventions and trainings aimed at community empowerment and drawing community driven action plans and work plans aimed at directly empowering communities to improve the quality of services they offer.

I also represent dairy Cooperatives in Northern Uganda on the Dairy Development Authority (DDA) Board of Directors (DDA) as a Board member since July 2021.

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