Local Capacity
Building Resilient Communities through cooperative-led solutions
Initiatives: Collaborative Research for Cooperative Resilience
Resilience of SACCOs in the Hospitality, Aviation and Horticulture sectors to COVID-19 system shock.
Country Kenya | Sub awardee: Cooperative University of Kenya
Ushirika Hub: Social Systems Network Analysis
Country Kenya | Sub awardee: Global Communities
Adoption of Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices that Contribute to the Resilience of Small-Scale Farmers: Incentives, Barriers and Lessons Learnt from Coffee Cooperatives in East Africa
Countries: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Rwanda | Sub awardee: ICA Africa
Cooperative Resilience: A Comparative Case Study of Business Models in Crisis in East Africa.

Countries: Kenya and Rwanda. | Sub awardees: Venture 37 & GENEX

CLARITY 2.0 Foundational Research (enabling environment).

Countries: Global | Sub awardee: NCBA CLUSA

Hub Posts From The ICRG

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Cooperative Business
Resilience Framework
Engaged research to develop and test a framework and tools that support individual cooperative diagnostics and business practice adaptation to mitigate impacts of future external shocks
Countries: Global
The Impact of COVID-19 on Cooperatives in Sub-Saharan Africa
Evidence-based field research identifying patterns in challenges faced and factors contributing to economic resilience, including interventions. Uganda, Malawi, Madagascar, Rwanda, and Kenya.
Countries: Uganda, Malawi, Madagascar, Rwanda, and Kenya.
E-Learning Portal
A cooperative training series to help support continued learning.
The-Hub Portal
A collection of assets curated to inform the success of your cooperative.
Annual Learning Event
These event materials were steered around the USAID Climate Strategy.

Building resilient communities through cooperative-led solutions

The above research was co-created through six sub-awards exploring aspects of cooperative resilience during COVID 19 and climate change.
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