Fostering Conducive Cooperative Policies
Initiatives: Enabling Environments
CLARITY 2.0 Legal and Policy Framework

Dr. Judith Hermanson | Research Director, ICRG

The ICRG has funded additional research conducted with various experts and stakeholders through expert working groups and empirical field-based information to strengthen and update the CLARITY framework, co-developed by OCDC members. This phase of work is to develop and test tools and other applications to improve the legal, policy and regulatory framework within which cooperatives function. Visit the CLARITY Page >

Global Evidence and Synthesis Study. What Difference Do Cooperatives Make?
This quantitative and qualitative field-based research study will be initiated in January 2022 and will determine the measurable economic, social and community benefits that flow from primary cooperative society membership and examine the extent to which cooperatives do or potentially could create communities in which people will remain rather than to migrate. Visit the WDDCM Page>
Women’s Agency: Examination of Economic and Health Implications of Health Cooperative Membership
Field-based survey research with outcome focus on both policy and practice, partnering with HealthPartners. Uganda
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