COVID-19: Cooperatives

The Impacts of COVID-19

We have curated this information is to help coop leaders guide and communicate with their community members.  Cooperatives provide a trusted voice in their neighborhoods. This resource provides accurate and timely knowledge for that voice. Please consider the context of how far along the outbreak has progressed in your particular region/country.

ILO Resources for Cooperatives: curated resources on crisis responses by cooperatives and the social and solidarity economy

Flattening the Curve: this Washington Post article explains how this virus spreads and illustrates the need to avoid public gatherings.

Credit Unions: our member WOCCU has compiled news, information and recommendations specifically relevant to credit unions across the globe.

Risk Communication and Community Management: a collection of technical guidance from the WHO to assist community leaders in preparing the community and communicating the risks associated with COVID-19.

Real Time Updates: this resource provides updates on the spread of COVID-19 as well as new precautions as they arise.

Adapting the Workplace: this WHO resource (published March 25) provides guidance for employers to help employees continue work while minimizing risk of transmission.

Basic Q&A: WHO provided resource that can help cooperative leaders provide trusted answers to many of the common questions that cooperative members may ask regarding personal health and hygiene.

A Deeper Dive: a WHO video and course aimed at teaching the fundamental principles of emerging respiratory viruses and how to effectively respond to an outbreak. Video is less than 5 minutes. Course completion in around 3 hours.

Prepare your cooperative community! Create a community business plan involving priorities below:

  • Reduce transmission by promoting understanding of the disease with the resources above.
  • Who will call whom to share the latest information?
  • Where can people find resources to inform decisions?
  • Who should people call if they are sick?
  • Prepare resources to make calls or for continued internet communication.
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