CRED 33: OCDC/ICRG website user experience and user interface

RFP Number: CRED_033 | Issuance Date: Thursday, August, 26, 2021 |Closing/Submission Date: Friday, September 17, 2021 5PM EST

Overview: International Cooperative Research Group (ICRG) of the US Overseas Cooperative Development Council (OCDC) carries out research on the effectiveness and other aspects of cooperative development. One of the pillars of activity under our current USAID award – CRED – involves dissemination of research, tools, and learnings related to international cooperative development. The main point of dissemination for these materials is our website: The ICRG is seeking a qualified UX/UI expert or company to perform a sitewide audit, with close attention to site framework, ease of navigation, and content and design knowledge sorting, and make actionable recommendations to OCDC/ICRG.  OCDC reserves the right to exercise an option for the successful bidder to execute the recommendations.  If OCDC exercises this option the parties will negotiate the terms, including budget, at that time.

All meetings and coordination for Task 1 and Task 2 described in this RFP project will be done remotely over Zoom. 

 Background: The OCDC/ICRG website was designed to create a compelling and interactive space to which researchers and practitioners, donors and policymakers, refer in order to access a wide range of resources and knowledge (original and secondary) with respect to the field of international cooperative development. This makes the website primarily a knowledge management platform this RFP is requesting an analysis and recommendations about its effectiveness in this regard.

The analysis is to include a hierarchy of the website addresses and resolves competing priorities including user experience, interface, ease of access, intuitive site direction and sorting, member-specific and public access, among other items. This hierarchy should mutually reinforce knowledge by providing related content, directing the user to relevant content, and providing intuitive sorting of knowledge and knowledge products to facilitate simple and direct access to desired material. The site also utilizes inbound marketing techniques to empower the audience to find the most similar or related content to what they are currently perusing. However, we have noted that these may need to be optimized.

Task 1: perform a site-wide audit of all site hierarchy and design, with special attention to a user perspective, on all elements including the framework, navigation ease, and content and design knowledge sorting in both the front and back end of the website. It is expected that the user perspective will be gained by this analysis and through interviews with frequent users including our partners, staff, and members.

Task 2: deliver a report with web-flow and site architecture diagrams, as well as providing actionable steps that can be taken to improve on the above concepts, including any additional concepts that may come up through the course of work and discussion about the website. This report should be actionable.

OCDC reserves the right to exercise an option for additional work to carry out the report findings. A successful bidder for Task 1 and Task 2 would execute the plan if approved by OCDC and agreement reached on budget and methods.

Eligibility: This opportunity is open to domestic (US-based) or international firms compliant with geocode 937, which excludes countries in upper-middle-income and high-income economies as defined by the World Bank.

Here is a link to the complete RFP.

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