2022 ICRG Annual Learning Event

January 19 – 20, 2022


The ICRG invited partners and collaborators from Cooperative Development Organizations and non-profit experts to discuss how CDP participants can address Climate Policy concerns. The ICRG invited technical experts in energy, agriculture, and trade to share their expertise with the attendees on concrete steps cooperatives are uniquely equipped to contribute.

Event Videos

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Event-Specific Goals

  1. Provide information and interaction around the global, USAID and project level imperatives driving climate change responses. Climate-related issues will drive development programming during the next decade and beyond.
  2. Develop shared understanding of USAID’s draft climate strategy and increase awareness of how it could impact future CDP activities and project cycles.
  3. Create a roadmap for incorporating climate change considerations into present and future CDP programming.
  4. Develop preliminary input into a draft document designed to articulate why cooperatives and their members, supported by USAID and CDOs, are both important strategic partners and front-line drivers of changed policy and practice.

Event Agenda