In Celebration of Co-Op Month the ICRG Presents 4 Member Portraits Throughout October

While celebrating October as the Month of Cooperatives, the ICRG is delighted to present another video featuring a member of cooperative whose life was positively impacted by membership. These profiles were developed as part of What Difference Do Cooperatives Make 4-country study giving members themselves an opportunity to tell their story.

Meet Dolores – corn farmer from the Philippines. After joining a savings and loan cooperative, Dolores was able to incrementally buy land and farm equipment. Over the years, she was able to gain financial skills and experience to manage loans obtained through the cooperative. She expanded her business and today generates income greater than ever before. This inspiring story of a woman-entrepreneur illustrates the potential agriculture holds for women!

October 14th, 2021. The ICRG is pleased to present another cooperative profile to celebrate achievements of members of cooperatives from around the world. These profiles have been developed as part of What Difference Do Cooperatives Make 4-country study and illustrate on personal level the difference membership has made in the lives of members.

Meet James – owner of construction and transportation business from Kerugoya, Kirinyaga county in central Kenya. James is also an owner and manager of a tea plantation, and of a 3-story building offering office space for rent. His businesses employ 50 local residents. While celebrating October as the Month of Cooperatives, let’s congratulate James and his local cooperative partners and wish them continued success in the future.


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