Call for Proposals: SharePoint Document Library – File Structure Improvement and Workflow Optimization

Scope of Work

 SharePoint Document Library – File Structure Improvement and Workflow Optimization


The US Overseas Development Council (OCDC) is a member association of cooperative development organizations (CDOs) working internationally, principally on the Cooperative Development Program (CDP) in USAID-assisted countries. The International Cooperative Research Group (ICRG) is a division of OCDC and serves as a learning center for the CDOs and an innovative research institution. The ICRG performs research, education, and dissemination activities to strengthen their programming and international cooperative development globally. ICRG carries out engaged research and supports through its work a locally led development approach, drawing on local expertise and knowledge, in ways appropriate to its various activities, to the maximum extent possible. 

Document Library and Workflow Optimization for SharePoint 

ICRG has established itself as a research center of excellence.  The organization is just starting its second round of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funding and is poised to produce important research, offer training, facilitate learning sessions and other convenings, and more. There have been several people included in the formatting of the file system on SharePoint over the years, but there is a need for expert file structure designers to 1) assist us in restructuring our document library for the newly awarded 5-year CIIRCLE project and 2) help us explore SharePoint business process automation to enhance processes and workflows among multiple stakeholders within the organization. 

The consultant should have experience with designing document libraries for SharePoint, develop a program for interviewing staff to understand our current processes and operational priorities, identify areas where SharePoint can be leveraged to automate tasks, improve collaboration, and enhance overall efficiency, and offer a smart structure that can be immediately implemented. 

Deliverable Overview: 

An initial work plan will provide details about requirements for meetings with staff and indicate opportunities for members of the ICRG to review and provide feedback on the design.

The final deliverables include:

  1. A written report to explain the process for constructing the file system and an explanation about the choice for the structure (why this and not that)
  2. Create a detailed plan for optimizing processes and workflows using SharePoint, with a focus on automating tasks.     
  3. The consultant should also create a file system that we can import in SharePoint and begin using immediately  
  1. The consultant will provide a simple orientation, a “walk-through” type of training in the new system for staff.  And that we incorporate decision points so that we do not end up again with a file structure that we do not understand.

Period of performance: 

The SharePoint file design should begin upon signing in December 2023 and be completed by January 31, 2024. 

Level of Effort:

10 days 

Application process:

Please submit CV, cover letter, and three references to CV should highlight experience with creating file structures, ideally in SharePoint.  Two of the three references should include clients who have implemented the system.