Embrace Equity and Celebrate International Women’s Day!

In the spirit of International Women’s Day 2023, we want to embrace equity by sharing how cooperatives create pathways for women around the world!

Cooperatives have a positive measurable impact on women’s economic status and can help diminish the gender gap globally!Source the ICRG’s What Difference Do Cooperatives Make, Global Outcomes Report.

The WDDCM data also show that cooperatives offer a powerful model to decrease inequality globally due to the direct economic benefits and emphasis on member’s capacity.

Through their direct economic benefits, enhancement of social capital, and the opportunities they offer for leadership and skills development, cooperatives are playing a pivotal role in increasing women’s incomes and agency.

Women’s economic empowerment has wide-spread positive impacts on women’s families, communities and the next generation!

Cooperative Member Portrait – Laguna Electric Coop – YouTube

In celebration of International Women’s Day and the concept of embracing equity for women, we share the story of Fely, clothing business owner and teacher from the Philippines.

Electricity provided by a local cooperative ensured reliable access to power essential for her business. As time went by, the electric co-op also helped Fely establish and operate a school for local children!