REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST – Report Design services for the deliverables produced by the ICRG under the USAID Cooperative Agreement CRED.

OCDC & International Research Group


TITLE: Report Design services for the deliverables produced by the ICRG under the USAID Cooperative Agreement CRED.

TO: Individuals or firms with full design capacity for print and electronic reports and with belief in a collaborative process for optimal results. The International Cooperative Research Group (ICRG) of OCDC is requesting expressions of interest from individual consultants and firms (hereinafter “consultants”) to provide graphic, layout and related design services for the reports and documents produced by the ICRG. The relationship could evolve into an on-going relationship in addition to “on call” periodic assignments.

I. Background
The US Overseas Development Council (OCDC) is a member association of cooperative development organizations (CDOs) working internationally, principally on the Cooperative Development Program (CDP) in USAID-assisted countries. The International Cooperative Research Group (ICRG) is a division of OCDC and serves as a learning center for the CDOs and an innovative research institution. The ICRG performs research, education, and dissemination activities to strengthen their programming and international cooperative development globally.
The ICRG carries out original, solution-oriented research and supports the members of the OCDC through designing and executing on cooperative development programming that strengthens governance, leadership, gender empowerment, youth engagement, financial management, market performance, and advocacy. We are seeking to engage with a graphic designer who will be available as needed to design reports and other products (for example, training tools or manuals) for digital and physical publication.

II. Request for Expression of Interest. This request is intended to:

•Obtain details concerning the interest and qualifications of consultants in the anticipated requirements described herein;
• Obtain information on the level of capacity of potential contractors relative to the tasks and objectives described herein;
• Result in a contractual agreement between the ICRG and a consultant(s) that may allow for ongoing or periodic design services as needed.

III. Description of anticipated Tasks and Objectives – Technical Overview

Period of Performance: January 2021 to January 2022. The scope of work is the following:
• Meet with writing team to create design briefs and determine requirements for each report including capturing the messaging of the research or other product
• Provide creative input and concept for each product
• Schedule projects with clear timelines and define any potential budget constraints
• Conceptualize visuals based on requirements including intentional graphic placement with an eye toward emphasizing particular report segments
• Prepare rough drafts through the design process and present additional ideas during synthesis of design brief
• Develop illustrations, data displays and other designs powered by information provided by writing team
• Use the appropriate ICRG colors and layouts for each graphic
• Work with writers and creative director to produce final design
• Amend designs after feedback
• Ensure final graphics and layouts are visually appealing and on-brand
• As-needed availability to respond to graphic design requests

IV. General Instructions:

All responses to this RFI must be submitted by the due date via email to with the subject line: Graphic Designer EOI – FIRST NAME, LAST NAME.
In order to be considered, interested consultants should submit their Expression of Interest and any relevant information relative to the illustrative tasks outlined above. Expressions of interest should be no more than 2 pages in length. Please note that responses received without the information below will not be considered. Responses must be organized in the following format:

1. Contact information (full name and address of the individual/NGO, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, contact person and website, if any);
2. Legal Status (individual, NGO);
3. Brief presentation of capacity including relevant experience and year(s) in business;
4. A brief narrative explaining what makes you/your organization qualified for this action.
5. Desired rates for compensation of work

This call for Expression of Interest does not constitute a solicitation. ICRG does not require full proposals at this stage; ICRG seeks your expression of interest in participating in any future acquisition of the described type of services.

Due to the anticipated high volume of communications in response to this request for Expression of Interest (EOI), ICRG will not issue confirmation as to receipt of EOIs.
A response to this Request for Expression of Interest does not automatically ensure that you or your organization will be selected to participate in future procurement actions.

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