Request for Proposal –Transformational Stories: Cooperative Members Describe what being a part of a cooperative has meant for their lives and their future. Part of the What Difference Do Cooperatives Make? Research Initiative.

RFP Issued By: US Overseas Cooperative Development Council (OCDC), under a Cooperative Agreement funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) carried out by its International Cooperative Research Group (Research Group).  This activity is part of a Multi-Country Research Initiative examining the role of cooperatives in the economic and social well-being of members and communities.

Issuance Date: Tuesday, February 9, 2021
Closing Submission Location: U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council.
Closing/Submission Date: Monday, February 22, 2021, 5pm EST

Updated Closing Date for Poland: Friday March 5, 2021, 5pm EST. Due to a lack of responsive proposals, the ICRG has elected to extend the deadline for the videographer work to be performed in Poland. OCDC will collaborate with successful proposals in identifying ideal individuals to be interviewed.

OCDC is seeking a local communications and multimedia professional to obtain 3 professional grade videos and corresponding written members’ profile, and picture materials, that will be used widely, both in promotion for the upcoming WDDCM Global Summit and for publicity of the OCDC ICRG’s work on an ongoing basis. The profiles are intended to capture a personal perspective of what difference a cooperative made in the life of profiled cooperative members, their families and community in which they live.

View the complete RFP Word Doc. here.
View the complete RFP PDF here.

We have received questions regarding this RFP. We have posted answers below. Thank you for your interest!

Is it possible to run 3 sets of videos and written/pictorial materials which highlight the impact of membership on the life of cooperative member, his or her family or community according to just one type of cooperative that is social one? We have already good contact with some potential examples in such a cooperative, to look for other coops members would exceed the budget.

As explained in the RFP, coordination between country-based and US-based teams is crucial for the ultimately desired result of a video reflecting members’ experiences worldwide.  It is therefore expected that selection of cooperative member stories will be consulted during the first collaborative meeting of all teams scheduled for March 16, after all country contracts are expected to be signed. Three (3) stories from different cooperative types is OCDC’s preference but depending on the strength and diversity of the stories, OCDC would consider two to three stories from similar type cooperatives engaged in different service activities.

Technical requirements for video profile deliverables are quite general. We need to know more requirements as for example: sound? Should be professional sound that it would be separate audio file from video one? Or it could be just one file?

There is no need for double-system sound (recording audio in-camera is fine). It will be necessary, however, to submit the original uncut video/audio files (mp4/mov) and timelines. In general, we are looking for a documentary (not cinematic) video style. On more detailed questions guidance will be provided by coordinating Master Videographer/Producer. 

What is Export Decision Lists (EDL)? Is it same as Edit Decision List (EDL)?

Sorry for the error. It should read Edit Decision List (not “export”). 

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