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Request for Proposal: Remote Learning Event Design and Facilitation

Posted: 30, Sep 2020

Posted by: Research Group

Closing/Submission Date: October 14, 2020.
Instructions for Submission of Proposals: In order for a proposal to be considered, one soft (electronic) copy of the complete technical and cost proposals must be delivered to OCDC’s Research Group ( by close of business on the closing date specified in this RFP. See Section E of the RFP for detailed delivery instructions.
Estimated Period of Performance: The estimated period of performance is October 15, 2020 – December 31, 2020.
Contract: A Fixed Price Contract is anticipated. Issuance of this request for proposal does not constitute a contract commitment on the part of OCDC. OCDC reserves the right to make one, more than one or no contract under this RFP. OCDC will not pay for costs incurred in the submission of a proposal. All proposals will be evaluated based on their responsiveness to the technical and cost terms of the RFP.

The US Overseas Development Council (OCDC) is a member association of cooperative development organizations (CDOs) working internationally, principally on the Cooperative Development Program (CDP) in USAID-assisted countries. The International Cooperative Research Group (ICRG) is a division of OCDC and serves as a learning center for the CDOs and an innovative research institution. The ICRG performs research, education and dissemination activities to strengthen their programming and international cooperative development globally. The ICRG carries out original, solution-oriented research and supports the members of the OCDC through designing and executing on cooperative development programming that strengthens governance, leadership, gender empowerment, youth engagement, financial management, market performance, and advocacy.

This is the third Annual Learning Event whose primary audience is Cooperative Development Program (CDP) Managers and includes other experts, USAID and field staff. At the first meeting, managers identified three areas to increase skills: training within CDP implementations, partnership development and strong cooperative development. The ICRG intends to host the Learning Event remotely due to COVID-19. While previous years saw the in-person event last 2 full days, as we pivot to a virtual format the ICRG anticipates a less dense and longer time frame in which the event will occur. We envision 2-hour modules that allow for participation without overwhelming the user on a long remote call.

Objectives and Major Tasks
Drawing on the experience of the in-person events previously held and best practice with similar remote learning events, the primary purpose of these sessions is to help CDP managers engage deeply with specific concepts still to be determined, while reflecting on the impact of COVID 19. They will draw on lessons learned from implementation as well as input from external experts. OCDC is seeking qualified consultants or organizations to work on a planning committee with the ICRG on the design of the curriculum for the Learning Event.

The committee will include two roles, a role for technological support and design, and a role for a learning facilitator operating as the event’s Master of Ceremonies. Please indicate which role your proposal is seeking when submitting. The committee will cooperatively ensure that the execution of the remote event experience that is content rich, meaningful, wieldy, and participatory. This RFP intends to build a planning committee of facilitation and remote event experts to plan and execute a successful learning event in close collaboration with the ICRG.

The objectives and major tasks for the planning committee will collectively be:

  • Provide content and design of a suite of interactive training and learning sessions for approximately 30 CDP managers and cooperative implementers and experts
  • Provide facilitation during the International Cooperative Research Group’s Annual Cooperative Development Learning Event (December 2020)

Find the Full RFP here.
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