2020 – Global Youth Development Report.

November 1, 2021

Author/Publication: The Commonwealth.

Given continuous concern of cooperatives and how to attract and engage new generations of members, this material may be of particular interest.

The Commonwealth is an association of 54 independent countries aiming at international consensus building. Is Secretariat provides technical assistance and advisory services to members, helping governments achieve sustainable, inclusive and equitable development.

The Commonwealth’s Youth Development Index (YDI) is built around six domains: Education; Employment and Opportunity; Political and Civic participation; Equality and Inclusion; Peace and Security; Health and Wellbeing. Each domain is considered in detail and feeds into overall YDI score. On average, the Commonwealth has made progress in all six YDI domains, with the largest improvement seen in the Health and Wellbeing, Peace and Security and Education domains.

YDI and related Report 2020 is based on available global data up to 2018 but at the same time takes proper account of the significant impact of the global pandemic. It intends to serve as a baseline for use by policy makers, governments and the public in their discussion of and decisions on policies effecting young people and how we invest in them to help us build back better, both nationally and internationally, from the devastation of COVID-19.

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