BRASIL Ley 12690 2012 cooperativas de trabajo

This resource (in Portuguese) is a Brazilian Law No. 12690 of 2012, which contains rules on the organization and operation of labor cooperatives. It also establishes the National Program for the Promotion of Labor Cooperatives (PRONACOOP). The document outlines the principles and values that guide labor cooperatives, including voluntary and free membership, democratic management, economic participation of members, autonomy and independence, education, training and information, inter-cooperation, community interest, preservation of social rights, social value of work, and free initiative. It also details the rights guaranteed to cooperative members, such as proportional earnings, normal working hours, weekly rest, annual rest, night work compensation, additional compensation for unhealthy or dangerous activities, and accident insurance. The document also discusses the penalties for cooperatives that deliberately defraud labor, social security laws, and the provisions of this law. View the Resource.