2021 – Addressing Gender Norms to Increase Financial Inclusion From CGAP

A technical guide by Antonique Koning, Joanna Ledgerwood, Nisha Sing for CGAP. Gendered social norms, a subset of social norms, are an inescapable reality shaping the lives of women around the world. To advance women’s financial inclusion and economic empowerment, funders and market facilitators need to acknowledge gender norms and understand how they limit women’s Read More

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Cooperation for the transition to a green economy

2021, From ICA-EU Partnership. This report provides an overview on how cooperatives around the world are acting to protect the environment, as well as mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation. Through the eight featured case studies, it is clear that cooperatives are already playing a very important role in Read More

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Inclusive Insurance

Inclusive Insurance: Closing the Protection Gap for Emerging Customers. A joint report from the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion and the Institute of International Finance

Emerging consumers present a promising market for inclusive insurance, and creative insurance companies have been developing promising models to reach this market for years. Since the 1990s, the microinsurance movement has demonstrated the benefits of insurance for low-income people, as well as exploring new business models to serve these customers profitably in frontier and emerging Read More

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2020 – Global Youth Development Report.

Author/Publication: The Commonwealth. Given continuous concern of cooperatives and how to attract and engage new generations of members, this material may be of particular interest. The Commonwealth is an association of 54 independent countries aiming at international consensus building. Is Secretariat provides technical assistance and advisory services to members, helping governments achieve sustainable, inclusive and Read More

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