Agricultural Cooperatives in Africa

This report is the first outcome of a joint project by the International Cooperative Research Group, a division of the US Overseas Cooperative Development Council (OCDC), and the European Research Institute on Cooperatives and Social Enterprises (EURICSE). The purpose of the research is to provide an analysis of the legal, economic, and policy environments in Read More

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What Difference Do Cooperatives Make? Poland. A Pilot Study

The OCDC Research Group (RG) carried out this pilot study in Poland as the first in a series of country studies designed to understand the extent to which objective evidence will demonstrate that cooperatives provide a sound platform on which to base broad-based international development for sustainable, locally owned and institutionalized results. The Poland country Read More

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Cooperative Development in Poland: A Legacy of USAID Assistance

USAID commissioned the International Cooperative Research Group (RG) of OCDC to carry out a legacy study to examine what, if any, lasting effects of the USAID assistance to cooperatives can be seen in Poland today, nearly 20 years after its conclusion. The RG carried out this study as a complement to the countrywide survey research Read More

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