One of the primary goals of OCDC is to create an environment for learning and sharing amongst Cooperative Development Organizations as well as within a wider audience of key stakeholders. This learning platform, the Center of Excellence, builds a culture of sharing and learning that will improve activity design, implementation, and monitoring.

In addition to sharing and learning between implementors, the Research Group prioritizes learning from research. The Research Group hosts webinars, workshops, and conferences on various cooperative development topics to increase knowledge about current cooperative development challenges, practices, and new research findings.

The Research Group also contributes to cooperative development learning through training design and implementation both for US based implementors and cooperatives in developing countries.

The Collaborative Group is a working group of project managers from each of the member Cooperative Development Organizations.

The purpose of the CG is to promote collaboration, knowledge and best practice sharing, and to conduct cross-sectoral research to improve cooperative development programming. The CG meets monthly to work on collaborative research, share CDO updates, and learn about Cooperative Development topics. In addition to these monthly meetings, the Collaborative Group holds an annual Learning Workshop to debrief the programming successes and challenges, plan for the upcoming year, and establish shared goals. The CG also hosts occasional webinars and lectures on specific USAID and Cooperative Development topics.



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