USAID’s Cooperative Development Program

Building Sustainable Resilient Communities

Who We Are

The Cooperative Development Program (CDP) is a global initiative that is investing in cooperatives and credit unions around the world to build social cohesion, stabilize economies, and support local communities. USAID supports overseas cooperative development through partnerships with U.S.- based cooperative development organizations (CDOs).

Improving cooperative leadership

OCDC members carry out the largest portfolio of cooperative development programs in the world, building local institutions driven by local needs.

Increasing member equity

The CDP is the only program within USAID that focuses on cooperatives, and it powers OCDC’s members activities in developing countries.

Strengthening cooperative networks

Since 1961 the CDP and OCDC have supported co-ops serving 130 million people, lifting them from poverty, building a more prosperous world.

Supported by Research

Economically, cooperative members are more likely than the population in general to have average or above average incomes and are less likely to be poor or very poor.

Holistically, cooperative members enjoy a better sense of overall well-being, financial security, and trust in their community than non-members. During times of need, cooperative members have improved access to social support systems and other resources that support their resilience and ability to weather adverse events.

Women members gain independence and agency from cooperative membership. Cooperatives offer training, support, and leadership opportunities to women, with wide reaching impacts on their well-being.

By The Numbers

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Member Portrait

Enabling inclusive growth at scale.

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