The International Cooperative Research Group

What We Do

Original Cooperative Research That Bridges the Gap Between Theory and Practice

The International Cooperative Research Group (ICRG) collaborates, partners, and co-creates with local researchers and cooperative development stakeholders. We carry out rigorous, locally-led research that bridges the gap between theory and practice. In the ICRG’s research, learning, and application model, research activity builds trust, ownership, and uptake of outcomes through engagement with key local stakeholders. This collaborative approach amplifies our research outcomes, deepens local uptake of concepts, and thus changes lives.

Cooperative research that focuses on what everyone wants to know.

Capacity Strengthening

Strengthening Cooperatives and their Stakeholders through Training and Technical Assistance

Our Research Approach

Our goal is to increase effective international cooperative development through knowledge-based enhancement of impact and increased uptake of cooperative development as a strategy in a country’s journey toward locally led development.

Regional Partnerships and Collaboration

  • Research

    Collecting and verifying new, data-driven evidence and developing data-informed internal and external solutions for challenges faced by cooperatives internally and externally.

  • Education

    Designing, sharing, adapting, and applying experiential learning through a shared learning agenda with OCDC members and partner cooperatives.

  • Dissemination

    Distributing key research findings to all levels of cooperative engagement and other stakeholders to inform local and international strategies.

Key Impact Areas

We advance cooperative development for…

The Building Blocks of Our Research

  • Practical Application

    We believe in solutions-oriented research that bridges the gap between theory and practice and empowers local people and institutions to own the planning, implementation, and evaluation of their own sustainable development.

  • Local Engagement

    We build trust through engagement with key local stakeholders.

  • Academic Rigor

    We collect robust evidence and generate new knowledge through ethical, independent, academically rigorous and scientifically based research methods.

Initiative Spotlight

What Difference Do Cooperatives Make?

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