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Tuesday, September 27th from 8:30 - 10:30 AM EST. Ever wonder how grassroots organizations faired during the pandemic? Join the ICRG on the 27th to learn more!

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Cooperative Research Provides A Platform For Transformative Impact

The Year 4 Cooperative Research Education and Dissemination (CRED) Semi-Annual Report is now available!

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The Research Group Has A New Website!

We have updated our site to provide ease-of-access to a tremendous wealth of resources! Visit as long as you like, and then come back soon!

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Africa Policy Forum: Cooperative Resilience - What the Evidence Suggests

Co-Hosted by ICA Africa and OCDC International Cooperative Research Group.

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The cooperative development program

The Cooperative Development Program has fostered cooperatives as a viable and sustainable approach for building self-reliant communities.

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The u.s. overseas cooperative development council is ...

Committed to building a more prosperous world through cooperatives.

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New Online Cooperative Data Platform

US OCDC and the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) to create an online data platform displaying international development projects run by CDOs

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Want to know more about the cooperative difference? Learn through our cooperative member portraits.

Together with USAID, US OCDC and the ICRG have produced a series of intimate video portraits demonstrating the impact cooperatives have had on the lives of individual members. The series was originally conceived to be shared as a demonstration during ICA’s 2021 World Cooperative Conference of impact and deepening of cooperative identity of members working Read More


Read The Year 4 Cooperative Research Education and Dissemination (CRED) Semi-Annual Report

One of the key lessons that we have learned during CRED is that research brings focus to cooperative development and provides a platform for dialogue. Bringing together stakeholders and decision-makers allows us to create opportunities for informed decision- making. The power of data extends beyond the data itself, through convening people, encouraging local uptake through Read More


Member Spotlight: GENEX

Member Spotlights is a new series OCDC started to showcase our diverse members, cooperative development organizations.  This month, read the interview with Marcel Petrutiu, Director of Global Development at GENEX: 1. What is GENEX? GENEX is a farmer owned cooperative focused on cattle genetic improvement. GENEX is dedicated to providing our member-owners and customers – Read More


Glimpse how co-op members are celebrating the 100th anniversary of International Day of Cooperatives

On July 2, the International Day of Cooperatives celebrates a milestone anniversary — 100 years of building a better world through cooperatives. The U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council (OCDC) and its member organizations invite you to join in the celebration through a glimpse of how lives have been changed through membership in locally managed and Read More


The International
Cooperative Research Group

A Center For Cooperative Research Excellence

Academic Rigor | Local Engagement |
Practical Application | Cooperative Excellence

The ICRG works closely with local researchers and cooperative development organizations, carrying out rigorous field-based reasearch, to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The ICRG’s reasearch model activity builds trust, ownership, and uptake of outcomes through engagement with key local stakeholders. This collaborative approach amplifies our research outcomes and helps to spread findings culturally, creating concentrated value for members that improves wellbeing and economic status!

Our Initiatives The ICRG Program of Work

409,522 Members of CDP Cooperatives and Credit Unions
CDP Implemented in 14 Countries
8 New Regulations Drafted in CDP Countries
Over $6 Million of New Revenue through Public Private Partnerships

Source: USAID Cooperative Development Program data, 2017

Cooperative Law And Regulation: CLARITY

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We are one week away from the Cooperative IMPACT conference! Attendees can virtually attend the international track. Register today!


Speaker Spotlight! Join Leah Marie Lucas, OCDC ICRG Research Manager Tuesday, September 27 to learn about opportunities in #climatefinance and areas of growth in #cooperative #resilience! Click here to check out our speaker list and register:


Speaker Spotlight! Join Dr. Judith Hermanson, Research Director of the ICRG, Tuesday, September 27 to learn about opportunities in climate finance and areas of growth in cooperative resilience! Register today! Click here to check out our speaker list:

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The Cooperative Difference Member Portraits

Inclusion, equality, equity, and democracy arise when members form a cooperative.

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ICRG Resource Library

¿Qué Diferencia Marcan las Cooperativas?: Informe de Resultados Globales

“What Difference Do Cooperatives Make?” (WDDCM) is a four-year research project that looks at the difference that primary cooperative societies are making in the lives of their members across four countries – Kenya, Peru, Philippines, and Poland. The research was designed to examine the hypothesized “cooperative difference,” if any, across sectors, and to present its

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The Cooperative Context in the Philippines: A Review of the Historical, Legal and Regulatory Environment

This Cooperatives in the Philippines – Context Study was prepared under an OCDC International Cooperative Research Group (ICRG) collaboration with Global Communities. It is a companion study to the primary research carried out in the Philippines as part of the ICRG’s four-country study “What Difference Do Cooperatives Make?” Its purpose is to provide an understanding

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The Cooperative Context in Peru: A Review of the Historical, Legal and Regulatory Environment

The following cooperative country context study intends to provide an overview of the present-day situation of the Peruvian cooperative movement, reviewing co-operative history in Peru, and referencing the legal and institutional framework surrounding it. The study assesses the impact of the cooperative sector in Peru’s economic and social realms, its role in job creation and

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Cooperative Development in Philippines: A Legacy of USAID Assistance

Through the Legacy Study Series, the International Cooperative Research Group (ICRG) of the U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council (OCDC) has sought to capture USAID’s programmatic influence through its investments in cooperative development. In conjunc-tion with other studies carried out in Poland, Kenya, Philippines, and Peru under the ICRG’s “What Difference Do Cooperatives Make?” (WDDCM) research

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Cooperative Development Program

Cooperatives build a more stable, secure and prosperous world.

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