Read The Year 4 Cooperative Research Education and Dissemination (CRED) Semi-Annual Report

One of the key lessons that we have learned during CRED is that research brings focus to cooperative development and provides a platform for dialogue. Bringing together stakeholders and decision-makers allows us to create opportunities for informed decision- making.

The power of data extends beyond the data itself, through convening people, encouraging local uptake through debate, attracting diverse audiences, updating practical tools and methods for application, to sharing research findings and energizing the communities that offered their knowledge and expertise to our research teams to deploy the ICRG’s research findings locally, for a positive impact on their cooperatives.

The web of activities that ICRG leads under CRED promotes holistic learning and a heightened awareness of the evidence that can serve as a multiplier for impact. This is where and how transformative impact is born. Click here to read the Year 4 Semi-Annual Report!