Case Study

Cooperatives and Peace: Strengthening Democracy, Participation and Trust – A Case Study Approach

July 3, 2019

Cooperatives Europe’s research showcases twenty case studies from more than fourteen countries, covering different types and stages of conflicts. This thematic research, carried out within the ICA-EU partnership for international development, demonstrates what cooperatives around the globe are doing in favour of peacebuilding and conflict resolution, in particular how they can be a tool for change. They also remind us of the core values of the cooperative movement, in which partnerships and community ties are fundamental to cooperation. To reinforce cooperatives’ recognition as strong players for sustainable development at the global and regional levels, the research showcased here is a valuable step forward in demonstrating the potential of the cooperative model with regard to peace, a key prerequisite for development.

Recommendations focus on how to:

  1. Promote local ownership
  2. Foster greater inclusivity in peacebuilding processes
  3. Emphasize the resilience in cooperatives to encourage investment
  4. Ensure autonomy and independence
  5. Support education and training to foster peacebuilding
  6. Acknowledge existing community dynamics and power structures
  7. Ensure cooperation between cooperatives and other partners.

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