Cooperative Development in Poland: A Legacy of USAID Assistance

November 16, 2018

USAID commissioned the International Cooperative Research Group (RG) of OCDC to carry out a legacy study to examine what, if any, lasting effects of the USAID assistance to cooperatives can be seen in Poland today, nearly 20 years after its conclusion. The RG carried out this study as a complement to the countrywide survey research project, “What Difference Do Cooperatives Make?” Through secondary and primary research, the RG found that the USAID assistance provided to the cooperative sector in the 1990’s left traceable effects as an effective investment in institutions, particularly in certain sectors of the economy, and in human capital. The legacy research study, conducted in parallel with the “What Difference do Cooperatives Make?” research, is based on secondary and primary data gathering focused on the projects that USAID supported. It supplements the systematic survey research and illuminates the journey that cooperatives have taken in Poland.

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