Cooperative University of Kenya: Resilience of SACCOs in the Hospitality, Aviation, and Horticulture sectors to COVID-19 systemic shock (The Resilience Project)

May 12, 2023

The study investigated strategies employed by SACCOs in hospitality, aviation and horticulture sectors to increase their resilience to systemic shocks due to Covid-19, and interventions put in place by the SACCOs to support members, particularly women, and the surrounding vulnerable communities to enhance their resilience. Through a mixed methods approach quantitative and qualitative data was generated. The sample size for the quantitative survey was 545 members of SACCOs while qualitative data was obtained from 15 SACCOs (7 SACCOs from horticulture, 6 SACCOs from hospitality, and 2 SACCOs from aviation). Twelve of the 15 SACCOs were non- DTSs, while three were DTSs. Eight Focus Group Discussions with SACCO members (one from the aviation sector, three from the hospitality sector and four from the horticulture sector), 13 in- depth interviews with SACCO CEOs and 39 key informant interviews with Chairmen of Executive and Supervisory Committees, and County Director of Cooperatives were conducted.

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