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OCDC Associate Member

As a Canadian network of cooperative and mutual assistance enterprises, SOCODEVI supports the development of cooperatives and mutuals in developing countries. Founded in 1985 by Quebec’s cooperative movement, their mission is to share the expertise and resources of our member organizations to foster the growth of cooperatives and mutuals, primarily in Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

SOCODEVI’s main goal is to improve living conditions for families and communities through cooperative development. This involves promoting economic development, social justice, and environmental sustainability. We achieve these objectives by providing technical assistance, training, and financial support to our partners. A significant focus of our work is on promoting gender equality and environmental sustainability, ensuring that our development projects are inclusive and responsible.

SOCODEVI is known for its collaborative approach, working closely with local communities, governments, and other international organizations. This ensures that the projects SOCODEVI supports are not only sustainable but also align with the specific needs and goals of the communities we serve.

View their website for more information: SOCODEVI