Our Team

Barbara Czachorska-Jones, PhD

Learning and Training Manager, ICRG

Barbara brings years of cooperative development experience to her role as Learning and Training Manager at the ICRG.

She formerly worked at Global Communities where, among other accomplishments, she played a lead role in the development of OCDC’s CLARITY tool. Before she joined Global Communities in the early 1990s, Dr. Barbara Czachorska-Jones pursued a legal career in Poland, receiving her doctorate degree in law from the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

In her various senior positions at Global Communities, she has managed cooperative housing and development projects focusing on cooperatives in the Philippines, South Africa, Bosnia, Poland, Mongolia and Rwanda. Barbara has extensive experience managing shelter delivery projects, housing and privatization reforms, civil society and capacity building, development of cooperatives and training and leadership programs.

In her involvement with OCDC, Barbara has been integral to the CLARITY project since its inception, using her legal and regulatory experience to contribute to the design and content of this initiative. She continues to work on cooperative advocacy projects and as lead specialist on several collaborative projects focusing on cooperatives.