Dary Goodrich

Chocolate Products Manager, Equal Exchange

Dary Goodrich is the Chocolate Products Manager at Equal Exchange, a fair trade pioneer and one of the largest worker cooperatives in the US.

He works to build and maintain alternative supply chains that decommoditize cocoa and sugar and create direct relationships with and positive impacts for farmer coops, their members and their communities.  Under Dary’s management, Equal Exchange’s Chocolate Program has more than quadrupled its annual revenue and its purchases from smallholder farmers.  He manages all aspects of the category including purchasing and inventory management, new product development, quality control, marketing, producer relations, and more.  Since 2010, he has co-managed several multi-year, multi-country USAID Cooperative Development Programs focused on strengthening farmer cooperatives to make farming a more viable and more sustainable livelihood for coffee, cocoa, sugar and banana farmers.  Dary has worked with farmer partners in the Dominican Republic, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay and Togo. 

As a worker-owner at Equal Exchange, Dary has participated in various governance roles, including as a member of the Board of Directors and he currently serves on the Board of the U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council.  Dary lives in Baltimore with his wife, 2 daughters, a dog and 3 chickens.  When not working or spending time with his family, he loves perfecting his wood oven pizza and getting outside for hiking, biking, skiing and camping.