Gabriela Delgado

Chief Commercial Officer, FEDERCOVERA, R.L.

Born in the small town of San Pedro Carchá, Guatemala, my early years were rooted in the vibrant community of northern Alta Verapaz.

In 2007 I join FEDECOVERA just two weeks post-graduation as Industrial Engineer, leading me through this year to perform different roles until my actual role of Chief Commercial Officer after 17 transformative years.

My career at FEDECOVERA allowed me to expose the organization’s values globally, advocating for small producers in Guatemala’s Alta Verapaz and Baja Verapaz departments.

FEDECOVERA, is a second home, my focus is dedicated to connecting our farmers with the global market. The communal spirit at FEDECOVERA continues to inspire me to contribute positively in the lives of our cooperative members and families.