Our Team

LuAnn Werner

Deputy Executive Director, OCDC

LuAnn Werner is a dynamic development professional with 18 years of experience. 

The majority of her career focused on international programming. Her passion is using her cooperative knowledge and management skills to promote effective international cooperative growth. Ms. Werner led two international cooperative development programs focused on increasing incomes and stimulating economic growth of farmers in several East African countries. Her agriculture, food security, market access and youth development experience span multiple countries throughout Southern and Eastern Africa as well as Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India. Ms. Werner worked for cooperatives and non-profits throughout her career.

In addition to international work, Ms. Werner has worked in the field of mental health, recovery, social emotional learning and immigrant health in the United States. She is a Director on the board of My Credit Union, amongst various other volunteer roles.

Ms. Werner holds a Master of Arts in Sustainable Development from SIT Graduate Institute and a bachelor’s degree in social work.