Our Team

Marsha Lutz


Marsha Lutz is an experienced accounting professional with over 30 years of experience managing finance, accounting, HR, and general business operations in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Ms. Lutz developed her passion for accounting during a 25-year career as Vice President of Finance and Accounting for Acorn Media Group, a small start-up documentary production company that grew to become a multi-million-dollar international media publishing company and a pioneer in offering streaming content to viewers. Ms. Lutz was instrumental in positioning the company as a valuable acquisition target in 2012, when it was acquired by RLJ Entertainment (subsequently purchased by AMC Networks.). After leaving Acorn Media Group, Ms. Lutz provided accounting services in the international insurance industry for Clements Worldwide, and in the software and digital content industry for the Software and Information Industry Association.

Ms. Lutz holds a BS in Film and Video Production from Rochester Institute of Technology and an MBA from George Mason University.