Olga Oyier

Kenya Country Team Lead and Policy & Legislative Affairs Specialist, Global Communities

Olga Oyier is the Kenya Country Team Lead and Policy & Legislative Affairs Specialist at Global Communities’ USAID CLEAR Program.

She has been working towards the creation of an enabling policy and legislative environment for cooperatives and supporting the growth of the housing and service/worker-owner cooperative sector in Kenya.

Olga has supported and overseen the creation of systems and networks to sustain business regulatory reform efforts post program completion leveraging the market system approach. These efforts have significantly improved the investment climate and spurred private sector growth in Kenya, which has been earmarked in the national development blueprint as the engine of Kenya’s economic growth.

Olga’s extensive experience in business regulatory reform spans nine years. Early in her career in private sector development, she was second to the Business Regulatory Reform Unit, Economic Affairs Department, Ministry of Finance Kenya by the Kenya Investment Climate Program-IFC/World Bank Group. Her advisory role to the Kenyan government on all matters related to business regulation, regulatory and licensing institutions yielded fruit in helping create an enabling business environment. Her assignment was extended to Uganda, under the Uganda Investment Climate Program-IFC/World Bank Group, where she focused on e-government.

Olga has played a support and advisory role to the government of Kenya at both the national and county levels as a Consultant Business Regulatory Reform Specialist and Client Management Lead. Her role in this capacity was extended to the governments of Somalia and Sudan under their respective World Bank Group programs, gaining invaluable insights.

Olga is in the process of completing her thesis for her master’s degree program in Public Policy Management from Strathmore University; she also holds bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration from the United States International University-Africa. She earned a Certificate of Completion from the Strathmore Business School Protocol Program for Professional and Career Development Training in Washington, DC; Certificate of Training for the International Module for Global Leaders at New York University-Wagner; and Certificate of Completion of the International e-Government Best Practice Study Tour to Denmark, Finland and Estonia.

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