Our Team

Shanil S. Mayosa

former Head-Legal Service Unit of the Tanzania Cooperative Development Commission, Tanzania

A registered Advocate of the High Court of Tanzania and member of the Tanganyika Law Society, Mr. Mayosa previously served as Head-Legal Service Unit at the Tanzania Cooperative Development Commission.

Prior to that position, he served as head of the team for the current review of the Cooperative Societies Act, 2013 and its Regulations in Tanzania. He was a member of the Team for the 2002 Review of the National Cooperative Policy and on-going drafting of the National Cooperative Policy, 2019.

Mr. Mayosa conducted a CLARITY Analysis of the Tanzania Cooperative Law in 2019, which provided conclusions and recommendations now being considered in the cooperative law review and amendment process.

He has served as member of the Team for the Review of 2003 Cooperative Societies Act, and subsequently in drafting of 2013 Cooperative Societies Act, as well as the 2015 Cooperative General Regulations, and 2015 Saving and Credit Cooperative Societies Regulations. He was actively involved in drafting the 2017 National Microfinance Policy and the 2019 Microfinance Act and regulations for financial cooperatives in Tanzania.

He has several working experiences in cooperatives and agriculturally based areas including providing legal support services to relevant authorities, cooperatives, farmers organizations and other public and private stakeholders.