Locally Led Development

By empowering local people and institutions to own the planning, implementation, and evaluation of their own sustainable development, cooperatives enable locally led development!

For locally led development, Cooperatives are a clear choice!

From the seven principles of cooperative development to its reputation as a values-based businesses model serving the interests of local people, to the grass roots success of cooperatives in developing economies, cooperatives are local.

featured story

Cooperative Member Portrait, Fely

Electricity provided by a local cooperative ensured reliable access to power essential for her clothing business and members of her community!

  • Fact 1. Electric cooperatives have brought power and light to the Philippines.
  • Fact 2. 90% of people in Philippines receive their power from cooperatives.
  • Fact 3. Fely is a member of the first Laguna Electric Cooperative.

Cooperative Member Portrait: Fely