The Story of FEDECOVERA’s Growth

Part 3: The Application Process

With the strategic focus on continuous operational improvement from the early stages, FEDECOVERA has successfully developed its management capacity to apply for funding and execute projects. This is possible with the collaboration of external advisors, community involvement, and the support of cooperating organizations. Details are as follows:  

Professional Advice and Consulting:  FEDECOVERA hired consultants based in Bethesda, Maryland, who are experts in project development and financing, who used their knowledge and experience to prepare and submit funding proposals. Their expertise was crucial in navigating the complex application processes and ensuring that proposals met the rigorous criteria and expectations of the funders.

Collaborating with Partner Organizations: FEDECOVERA collaborated closely with partner organizations and cooperative networks. These collaborations provided access to extra resources, technical expertise, and guidance on optimal practices in project management and securing financing.

Internal Teams: FEDECOVERA has teams consisting of administrative and financial staff who are dedicated to managing projects and raising funds. Their tasks include compiling and organizing essential documentation, filling out application forms, while ensuring that every application is precise, complete, and meet all requirements.

Internal Training and Capacity Building: FEDECOVERA continues to invest in training and capacity building for its members and employees to enhance their abilities in proposal writing, financial management, and project administration. This internal training has bolstered their capacity to independently develop and submit robust financing proposals.

Community and Member Engagement: Cooperative members give valuable input on community needs and project objectives. The involvement is essential to the process, as their engagement guarantees that funding requests are aligned with the actual requirements and development goals of the cooperative.

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