The Story of FEDECOVERA’s Growth

Part 5: The Impact On Community Through Locally Led Development

FEDECOVERA and its members have experienced sustained social and economic growth at the local levels, through their partnership with USAID and other international funding agencies. This impact includes: 

Product diversification: A range of new products and services have enabled members to increase their incomes and become more resilient to market volatility. For example, the adoption of organic and sustainable farming practices has created new market opportunities and improved the health of the land and communities.

Stronger communities: Funded training and technical assistance has significantly improved  members’ management and operational skills, resulting in stronger cooperatives and more cohesive communities.

Environmental impact: Donor funded reforestation and conservation projects have contributed to the recovery of degraded areas and the promotion of a culture of environmental sustainability among members and the community at large.

Technological innovation: Investments in technology have modernized processes, from production to marketing, increasing the efficiency and scale of operations.

International visibility: The partnership with USAID has increased FEDECOVERA’s visibility in the international arena, attracting more partners and collaboration opportunities for the future.

Partnering with USAID strengthened FEDECOVERA’s mission to be an autonomous cooperative entity and a national leader while helping them also better serve their members through increased profitability and their communities through long-term sustainability. 

Cooperatives are ideal locally led partners as they are motivated by a dedication to service, honesty, and cooperation in their communities and are directed by the cooperative principles for guidance as they persist and sustain.

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