Resilience and Crisis Recovery – Leading Locally, the Cooperative Way

Part 4: Success Story – Fellahate Ahmar

Fellahate Ahmar, Red Farmers in Arabic, is a cooperative beneficiary of the CFP based in Youssoufia province (region of Marrakech-Safi) with 90% female members. The co-op owns an agricultural farm with 5 hectares used to plant cereals, peas, olive trees, as well as raise livestock. 

The co-op lost a large part of its production due to the pandemic and lockdown. In addition, the worst drought in decades made the situation worse. The CFP grant allowed the members of Fellahate Ahmar to bounce back and resist these crises. With grant funds they were able to buy animal feed for their livestock, add two more cows and develop a small chicken farm. They also planted 1200 olive, pomegranate, and fig trees to expand their farm and increase their income. The grant also employed 24 women from the surrounding village to work during harvest season, creating an additional impact on the surrounding community.

The CFP has given Fellahate Ahmar new life and saved them from bankruptcy. According to the members, other co-ops that suffered during this time, who did not receive any outside assistance closed their doors and no longer exist. 

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