Resilience and Crisis Recovery – Leading Locally, the Cooperative Way

Part 5: By the Numbers, Why CFP Works

Locally led cooperative development activities benefit the national economy

CFP’s cash transfers to cooperatives put choice and agency in the hands of communities.

By empowering local people and institutions to own the planning, implementation, and evaluation of their own development, cooperatives enable locally led development resulting in economic sustainability. 

This program demonstrates how on-the-spot and transparent problem-solving among stakeholders can encourage flexibility and adaptation within a program in Morocco and beyond.

LLD impact on national economy

Here’s what this looks like by the numbers: 

  • Delivered $13 million through cash grants to more than 1,400 cooperatives with approximately 9,000 members across five regions and 21 provinces. 
  • Successfully targeted underserved groups to receive cash grants in support of USAID’s inclusion objectives: 53 percent of recipients are women, 33 percent are youth, and 1.5 percent are persons with disabilities. 
  • Created an evidence base, through the cooperative funding model, for potential future economic shock responsiveness in coordination with the Government of Morocco.

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